Our Board

Our Board

The Marysville Public Library Board of Trustees meets monthly on the Wednesday following the third Monday of each month at 5:00 pm. Meetings are held at the Marysville Public Library building unless a different location is advertised. The public is welcome to attend.

Generally, the Board Planning Committee meets at 4:30 pm and the Board Operations and Finance Committee meets at 5:30 pm on the Monday prior to the board meeting.  They meet as needed.  Please call the Library Director at 937-642-1876, ext. 33 to confirm these dates/times.

2020 Board of Trustees Dates:
January 22, February 19, March 18, April 22, May 20, June 17, July 22, August 19 (Held at Raymond Branch), September 23, October 21, November 18, December 23

Planning Committee Meeting-Monday, March 9 at 4:30 p.m.

Special Board Meeting- Friday, April 10 at 4:00 p.m. –Web access to the meeting can be found here:

Marysville Public Library Ohio Live Streams



Board Members:

Rebecca Wever, President

Chad Seeberg, Vice President

Anita Tiller, Secretary

Perry Parsons

David G. Speicher

Elizabeth Yendrek

Laura Zureich

Strategic Plan 2019-2021

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