Request a Meeting Room

The Marysville Public Library main branch has two meeting rooms available.

  • Meeting Room A has a maximum capacity of 80, or 40 with a table and chairs arrangement.
  • Meeting Room B has a maximum capacity of 25, or 20 with a table and chairs arrangement.

We are open:

  • Mon–Thurs 9am–8pm
  • Fri 9am–6pm
  • Sat 9am–5pm
  • Sun 1pm–5pm

All meeting room reservations will end 15 minutes prior to library closing time.

The rooms are available for non-profit and educational purposes. The Marysville Public Library does not charge a fee for the use of the room, but we do accept donations.

To Reserve a meeting room, please fill out our meeting room request form.

Tables and chairs in the meeting room can be arranged into several configurations to meet the needs of the organization. Each room has a SmartBoard™ for use.

Please contact the Reference Department at 937-642-1876, ext. 32 or send us an email with any questions or concerns.

Meeting Room Policy

The primary purpose of the library’s meeting rooms is to provide a space for library and library-related activities. The needs of the library and the Friends of the Marysville Public Library will take precedence. The library reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any meeting.

Acceptable Use
The library meeting rooms are available for use by educational, cultural, civic, social, political, religious, professional, or other non-profit organizations, or to persons volunteering as tutors as part of a non-profit program. Businesses may use the meeting rooms for training or other purposes as long as no commercial activity transpires. Meeting rooms are not available to non-library groups or individuals for the promotion or sales of services or products, fundraising, soliciting, or conducting classes for profit. No admission or attendance charge or required donation may be assessed by any non-library group using a meeting room. Groups using the meeting rooms shall vacate the room by closing time of the library.

Selling of merchandise
The library may permit presenters at library-sponsored programs to sell merchandise related to the subject or activity of their programs. The library will grant this permission either to reduce the cost of the program to the library or to raise funds for the Friends of the Marysville Public Library. Likewise, a library-sponsored program may have a registration charge to defray or reduce the cost of the program to the library.

Library meeting rooms are available during regular library business hours only. They will not be available when the library is closed due to bad weather, holidays, or other emergency conditions.

A meeting room may be reserved up to three months in advance of the meeting date. Any request made more than 3 months in advance will be denied and it is the responsibility of the requester to resubmit the request within the proper time frame. Groups cannot book continuous, numerous, daily, or weekly meetings. The Director or his or her designee must approve all reservations. A representative of the group should complete a Meeting Room Request Form prior to the meeting date. The time requested should include setup and breakdown time. The requester must be an adult and will be held responsible for the orderly conduct of the group, and in the event of any damage to library property and/or equipment that individual will be liable.

The library charges no fees for use of the meeting rooms, however, payment shall be made for any damage to, or loss of, library property. A $25.00 fee for janitorial service will be assessed if the room is not left in the condition it was found.

Food and Refreshments
Refreshments may be served, but are restricted to the meeting rooms and are not permitted in other parts of the library except during library-sponsored events. There are no kitchen facilities and cooking on the premises is prohibited. Open flames, smoking and alcoholic beverages are prohibited. A group serving refreshments is responsible for providing all serving utensils and for cleaning up following its meeting.

Furniture and Equipment
Groups are responsible for arranging the chairs, tables, and other equipment to meet their own needs and leaving the room in the order in which it is found, vacuuming if necessary and putting trash in appropriate receptacles. Library materials or equipment stored in the area should not be moved.

Maximum Capacity
Meeting Room A has a maximum of 80 or 40 with a table & chairs arrangement. Meeting Room B has a maximum of 25 or 20 with a table & chairs arrangement.

The library makes no endorsement, express or implied, of any non-library event or activity held in the meeting room.  Publicity of such events must include a disclaimer to this effect. The Board and the library staff do not assume any liability for groups or individuals attending any meeting or program in the library.