Request a Meeting Room

The Marysville Public Library main branch has two meeting rooms available.

  • Meeting Room A has a maximum capacity of 80, or 40 with a table and chairs arrangement.
  • Meeting Room B has a maximum capacity of 25, or 20 with a table and chairs arrangement.

We are open:

  • Mon–Thurs 9am–8pm
  • Fri 9am–6pm
  • Sat 9am–5pm
  • Sun 1pm–5pm

All meeting room reservations will end 15 minutes prior to library closing time.

The rooms are available for non-profit and educational purposes. The Marysville Public Library does not charge a fee for the use of the room, but we do accept donations.

To Reserve a meeting room, please fill out our meeting room request form. Read the full Meeting Room Policy below prior to placing a request.

Tables and chairs in the meeting room can be arranged into several configurations to meet the needs of the organization. Each room has a SmartBoard™ for use.

Please contact the Reference Department at 937-642-1876, ext. 32 or send us an email with any questions or concerns.

Meeting Room Policy

The primary purpose of the meeting rooms is to provide a space for the library and library-related activities. Needs of the library for use of the meeting rooms take precedence over use by outside groups. The library reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any meeting.

Acceptable Use

Marysville Public Library Meeting Rooms may be used by both non-profit and for-profit Organizations free of charge.

The use of meeting rooms for financial gain is prohibited. This includes marketing or selling goods or services, fundraising, or accepting donations.

Meeting rooms must be reserved in advance, through the online form on the Marysville Public Library’s website.

Private parties are prohibited. (Examples of reservation requests that WILL NOT be approved include: birthday parties, anniversary parties, baby showers, etc. Examples of reservation requests that WILL be approved include: meetings for Boy Scout troops, condo associations, homeschoolers, PTAs, etc. Memorials that are a religious service will also be approved.

Food and drink are permitted in the meeting rooms. There are no kitchen facilities and cooking on the premises is prohibited (no open flames.) Alcoholic beverages and smoking are prohibited in the Marysville Public Library.

The name, address or telephone number of the Marysville Public Library may not be used as the contact person, nor shall the use of the meeting room be publicized in such a way as to imply the Marysville Public Library sponsorship of the group’s activities unless the activity is being co-sponsored by the Marysville Public Library.

No decorations, posters or any other materials may be installed or displayed inside or outside the meeting rooms without prior Marysville Public Library approval.

No Marysville Public Library equipment should be removed from the meeting room area without Library approval.

The group using the meeting space shall:

Be responsible for all set-up and take-down of tables and chairs. Time reserved must include set-up and take-down time. The space must be left in the condition it was found.

Only use the room during regular library business hours. The library meeting rooms will not be available when the library is closed due to bad weather, holidays, or other emergency conditions.

Have at least one person in attendance who is at least eighteen (18) years of age and who will be responsible for the group and use of the meeting space.

Be financially responsible for any damage to Marysville Public Library property, buildings, furnishings and/or equipment, and assume responsibility for all loss, damage, or injury arising from use of meeting room space. A $25.00 fee for janitorial services will be assessed if the meeting room is not left in the condition it was found.

Not exceed the posted maximum capacity allowances for the room it has reserved.

Covenant and indemnify themselves for any claim, suit judgment, cost expense or responsibility of any kind whatsoever resulting from use of property, premises, or facilities of the Marysville Public Library.

For cause, the Marysville Public Library Director may waive any meeting room regulation and may deny or cancel any application for reservation of meeting room space.