Summer Reading 2019

Summer Reading Program
May 20th – July 31



  • Visit the Library and pick up a booklet!
  • Track your reading time: Keep track of how much time you read/listen to a book, and check off a small square for every 15 minutes in the booklet. We are tracking time read, not the number of books.
  • Track your activities: Write your activities in the boxes provided on the inside of the booklet.
  • Win prizes: After completing 10 hours of reading and 10 activities, come in and receive a coupon packet. After 20 hours and 20 activities, kids will receive a coupon packet. After reading 20 hours and completing 20 activities, kids will receive a free book of their choice and everyone will receive a backpack (while supplies last) and be entered to win one of our Grand Prizes!





Summer Lunch Program 

June 3-August 2

June 2019 Menu

July-August Menu

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A list of suggested activities is on the back of the booklet. Check here, as well as on our Social Media platforms for new ideas weekly!


This week’s featured Youth Activity: Homemade Crayons


Did you know that crayons don’t decompose?  Do the planet (and yourself) a favor by making these fun “crayon cupcakes.”  Bonus– they’re a great gift and really easy for little hands to hold!

You’ll Need:

  • Plenty of broken crayons
  • Silicone baking mold or muffin tin and paper liners|


  1. Gather up all of your broken crayons, peel off the paper wrappers, and cut (or mash) them into small pieces.
  2. Sort your crayons by color! If you’d like multicolored crayons, skip this step.
  3. Fill each cup in your mold or tin with about 1” of crayon pieces.
  4. Heat in the oven at 250 for about 15 minutes. Make sure you stay close by and check your crayons often!
  5. Allow your crayons to cool and harden before you use.



This week’s featured Adult Activity: Check out a movie from our Action and Adventure Checklist!


Action and Adventure Checklist




If you’d like books that go along with our musical theme, click on the titles of the lists below.  The title below the image links directly to a list created by our reference team. There are two lists, one tailored for Youth, and one tailored for Adults. You are not limited to these lists-we encourage everyone to read what they like!



Across the Universe-Adult Services

Across the Universe-Youth Services



Astronomical!-Adult Services

Astronomical!-Youth Services




First Contact-Adult Services

First Contact-Youth Services




Glitch in the System-Adult Services

Glitch in the System-Youth Services




My Corner of the Universe-Adult Services

My Corner of the Universe-Youth Services




One Small Step-Adult Services

One Small Step-Youth Services




Out of this World-Adult Services

Out of this World-Youth Services




Over the Rainbow-Adult Services

Over the Rainbow-Youth Services






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