Summer Reading Program


Our summer reading program is underway! Come in any time to pick up a booklet and get started on a summer of fun!

How It Works:

  • New this year: One booklet for all ages, even adults. Complete instructions for the program are on the back of the booklet.
  • Track your reading time: Keep track of how much time you read/listen to a book, and check off a small square for every 15 minutes in the booklet. This year, we are tracking time read, not the number of books.
  •  Track your activities: Write your activities in the boxes provided on the inside of the booklet.
  • Win prizes: After completing 10 hours of reading and 10 activities, come in an receive a coupon packet. After reading 20 hours and completing 20 activities, kids will receive a free book of their choice and everyone will receive a backpack (while supplies last) and be entered to win one of our Grand Prizes.  

Activity ideas:
A list of suggested activities is on the back of the booklet. We’ll also list several additional activities on this page each week. Many of them will tie into the theme of Build a Better World. Explore your passions – these activities are provided to jumpstart the imagination and promote life-long learning.

Ideas for the week of May 29 – June 4:

  • Attend the Memorial Day activities on Monday, May 29. Information is available here: Memorial Day
  • Fly your flag on Memorial Day
  • Check out a Launchpad from the library. Children’s Launchpads contain educational games. Adult Launchpads have games to exercise your brain cells.
  • Get a library card. If you already have one, good for you! Count having a library card as one activity.

Suggested Reading:
If you’d like to read books selected to go with our theme, check the lists below. Each list contains books for every level, from toddler to adult. You are not limited to these lists – we encourage everyone to read what they like.

Being Green

Build a Better You

Building and Creating a Better World


Inventions and Engineering

Make a Difference

People Who Have Made a Difference

Science Fiction