Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you have any book recommendations?

We LOVE giving book recommendations! You can visit or call our Youth or Adult desks anytime to get recommendations for your (or your child’s) next great read, or contact us. The Novelist website is another great way to get recommendations. Novelist can recommend ‘read a-likes’ for your favorite books, or you can browse by genre. Even better, once you find a book you like, Novelist will link you directly to the Marysville Public Library Catalog, and you can reserve the book.

2. How do I get a card, and how old does a child have to be to get a card?

Learn all about our cards, item limits, and fines. Good news! There are no age restrictions on cards; children can have cards starting at birth.

3. How do automatic renewals work?

Some checked-out items are eligible for automatic renewal, but to qualify:

  • No one else can have the item on hold.
  • The library where the item came from must participate in automatic renewals. (Our library belongs to a group of libraries where items can easily be borrowed from those libraries. If you place a hold on an item, and it comes from another library, you can ask a staff member if it will automatically renew.)
  • Your account must be free of blocks. You can also renew eligible items using your online account, over the phone or with a staff member.

4. What is an ‘account block’?

Your account may be blocked for a number of reasons, but the most common reason is due to fines. A patron cannot check out items with more than $5.00 in fines. You can pay fines online or in the library. Your account may also be blocked due to an ‘address check’. This happens every few years on an account to make sure we have an accurate address and phone number for you. Please call 937-642-1876 or contact us with any account questions.

5. How much are fines?

Fines are $.10 per day for:
- Print Materials
- CDs
- Audiobooks
- Storytime Kit
- Board Games
Fines are $1.00 per day for:
- DVD/Blue-Rays - Wi-Fi Hot Spots
- Playaway Launchpads
A patron cannot check out items with over $5.00 in fines.


6. How do I place an item on hold, and how do I pick it up?

If the item you want isn't available, you can place a hold through our catalog. Search for an item and click the ‘Place Request’ button. You can also ask staff for assistance over the phone or in person. You can have up to 75 holds at one time. It usually takes about a week for a hold to arrive unless all copies are in use or the item hasn’t been released yet. You will receive an email, text or a phone call when your item is ready.

Holds are available for pick up in the branch you selected (Main or Raymond), alphabetized by last name.

7. How do I reserve a meeting room?

Learn more about meeting rooms. For additional information, please contact Adult Services by calling 937-642-1876, ext. 32.

8. How do I get a library book on my device (iPad, tablet, phone, etc.)?

Good news: we have staff available to offer one-on-one help with learning to load books and movies on your device. Call or email Adult Services as ask to set up an appointment. There are also instructions available here. Please note: instructions will vary depending on the device that you have. The biggest obstacle is setting up the app—with a little patience, you’ll be enjoying free books, music and movies in no time!

9. When do you have a notary?

The Marysville Public Library offers free limited Notary Public Services. However, it is not guaranteed that a Notary will be available anytime we are open. It is recommended that all requestors seeking Notary Service call the library prior to their visit to ensure that a Notary is available at that time.

Notary Services for passport documents and documents that require more than 3 signatures will be done by appointment only. To make an appointment, please call the library’s main number, 937-642-1876.

10. Do you have computers/printing/fax/copier/wifi?


Our computers are located on the library’s lower level. Guest passes are available for those without library cards.

We have printing available from our computers or wi-fi printing from your own device. Cost: $.10 per page, Black and White; $.25, Color

To Send a Fax:
$1.50 for the first page, $1.00 for each additional page

To Receive a Fax:    

Photocopy (Black and White only):
$.15 one-sided, $.30 two-sided

We have free Wi-Fi throughout the building. Accessible outlets are available in the booths on the lower level for your convenience.



Complete Policy ManualMPL Policy Manual approved 1.18.2017 -Updated 5.17.2017

Patron Conduct
Patrons are expected to be considerate to other patrons and library staff, and patrons may be asked to leave for loud/disturbing behavior, harassing others, soliciting, or destructing property.

Depending on the severity of the behavior, a patron may be barred from returning to the library for a limited or indefinite amount of time.

Unacceptable behavior includes, but is not limited to:

  • Using profanity or abusive language; excessive or loud use of cell phones
  • Bringing firearms, handguns, knives or other weapons defined by Ohio statute on library property
  • Using tobacco or e-cigarettes in any form while inside a library building or on library property
  • Accessing pornographic material or material with graphic, gratuitous or excessive violence while in the library.

Please refer to our policy manual for a complete list of all of our policies, including patron conduct.

Books/Material Donations

We gladly accept:

  • Books in excellent condition and usually published within the last 5 years
  • Audiobooks (on CD)/Music CDs/DVDs in excellent condition
  • Local History or Genealogy material that has direct relevance to Union County (research decisions made on a case by case basis)

(Excellent condition is considered like-new with no marks/tears etc; no odors; no damage)

We are not able to accept:

  • Materials that exhibit signs of smoke, mold, pests or water damage
  • Encyclopedias, reference books or textbooks
  • Music or audiobooks on cassettes; movies on VHS
  • Magazines of any kind
  • Self-published materials (unless reviewed in established review journals; exceptions may be made for materials of local interest that meet the collection development policy)
  • Items that have been withdrawn from any library collection and sold previously