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How Do I get a Library Card?

We’re glad you’d like to explore all the library has to offer! All Ohio residents are eligible for a free Marysville Public Library Card.

To apply, bring in a valid photo ID with current address, or a valid photo ID and official mail/checks with correct address. Cards are available for any age, but the card holder needs to either be 18 or have parent/guardian permission.

You may apply online for a temporary card, which allows you immediate access to our online research,  and you can place holds on items. Within 30 days, you must complete the application process in person, with photo ID and proof of address,  or your temporary card will expire.


Especially for Kids!

We offer a Smart Card for kids from Birth—17. This card does NOT accrue fines (although fees for lost/damaged items still apply.) Kids can borrow up to five juvenile print materials and audiobooks at a time, and they have access to our digital library and online research.  DVDs and games are not available to borrow on the Smart Card. Parent/Legal Guardian is not required for registration, but parents can deactivate the card at any time. A child can have both a Smart Card and a regular card, if desired.

Especially for Teachers!

Any Ohio teacher in a public, private, or parochial school; nursery school or day care center; or any home school teacher registered with a school is eligible for a Teacher Card. Teachers have a 30-day grace period after items are due before fines are accrued (DVDs and kits have only a 5-day grace period).  Borrowing limits are the same as a regular card.

Borrowing Limits

For the first 30 days of a new card, new patrons can borrow up to five items at a time. After 30 days, patrons can borrow up to 100 items (up to 10 DVDs) at a time.

(Kids with a Smart Card can borrow up to five juvenile print materials and audio books at a time. DVDs are not available to borrow on the Smart Card.)

Due Dates

  • Books, music CDs, and audiobooks: 28 days
  • Magazines: 14 days
  • Wi-Fi Hot Spots: 14 days
  • Lucky Day books: 7 days
  • Storytime Kits, Board Games, all DVDs (except New), DVD sets and Video Games: 7 days
  • New DVDs (except DVD sets): 4 days

Digital Library Due Dates

  • Overdrive (ebooks and eaudiobooks): 21 days
  • Hoopla:
    • Movies and Television: 3 days
    • Music albums:  7 days
    • Books, audiobooks and comics: 21 days
  • Zinio: No due date
  • Freegal: No due date


You can renew eligible items using your online account, over the phone or in person (you do not need to have the item with you).

For an item to be eligible for renewal, no one else can have the item on hold and your account must be free of blocks.  An account may be blocked for several reasons, but the most common reason is having more than $5.00 in fines.

How many times can I renew an eligible item?

It depends! Marysville Public Library items are renewable up to two times. However, our library belongs to a group of libraries (called the Central Library Consortium) who all share materials. If you place a hold on an item, and it comes from another library, you can check your online account for ‘Renewals Available,’ or you are welcome to ask a staff member.

What is auto renewal? How does it work?

Some borrowed items are eligible for automatic renewal, but to qualify:

  • No one else can have the item on hold.
  • The library where the item came from must participate in automatic renewals. Our library belongs to a group of libraries (called the Central Library Consortium) who all share materials. If you place a hold on an item, and it comes from another library, you can ask a staff member if it will automatically renew.
  • Your account must be free of blocks.

Oops…my book is overdue

No worries! We accept cash, checks and credit cards. Credit card payments can be made in the library, online, or over the phone.


  • DVDs, video games $1.00/day
  • All other items $.10/day
  • Maximum overdue fine per item is $10.00
  • An account will be blocked after accruing $5.00 in fines/fees.

No overdue fines apply to Smart Cards.

Uh-oh…my dog ate my book

Library staff view all materials as precious, but we understand that life happens.

  • Items with minor damage may incur a ‘damaged item’ fee.
  • An item damaged beyond repair or a  lost item will incur any overdue fines, the cost of the item, and a processing fee. The good news: if a lost item is returned within 60 days, the cost of the item and processing fee are waived or refunded, (but overdue fines will still be charged.)

What if I return an item, but it still appears on my account?

There are several reasons a returned item might still be on your account. Please contact the Patron Services department at 937-642-1876, ext. 21 or email us so we can resolve the issue.

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